Kosher Plated Meals

No matter what your gathering or event entails, you will never have to worry about going hungry – PR CC Plated Meals Inc. provides your staff, office, employees and more with a great variety of kosher meals. This not only allows great tasting food to be included in the meeting or celebration, but also keeps with tradition and beliefs, allowing you to share what you value with your surrounding colleagues and coworkers.

Food brings people together, and PR CC Plated Meals Inc. is dedicated to doing exactly that for your specific needs. You are given the opportunity to feel included, as well as extending an introduction to others on new foods and tastes. Each preset menu or select meal is chosen specifically by you to suit the venue (whether it be a restaurant, ball game, etc) and fulfill the amount of food that you require.

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to our Plated Meal Order Desk.